Sunday, September 25, 2011

30 Day Nail Challenge - Day 2 - Orange

DAY 2 - Orange. I used Sunny Side Up by Wet N Wild as the base for my French tip, sponged on a little bit of Mellow Yellow by Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in the corners of 3 of my nails. Then striped on these dainty little flowers in black and added these mini silver flatback dots that I found in my craft box. My inspiration for this design is based off of these little flowers from this artwork my brother painted and gave me for (our) birthday. We're twins :).  Here's the painting:


  1. Hi, Thanks for commenting on my blog... I have not been doing it for very long at all! in fact my blog is about 2 months old and I have been doing my nails for just 2 years. Before that I had no nails at all since I bit like a crazy person!

    Love your blog, good luck with the new challenge! I'm sure I need to commit to something like this just to keep me blogging!

    xx H