Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Would you trust this bottle of Seche Vite?

I was at Sally Beauty Supply and they were completely sold out of Seche Vite dry fast top coat but I found this weird bottle that didn't have writing on the glass. The cap had the logo on it and the sticker on the bottom was there. But I'm confused how this unmarked bottle made it to the store. I tried it out and waited a minute to test if the inside was legit and it passed my test. I know it wasn't a mismatched base coat bc their base cost is not dry fast. It was glossy and dried fairly fast so I bought it. The girl was really confused while ringing me up too.

Would you trust this? Would you still buy it if you saw this was the only one left?


  1. odd.. I wouldn't buy it only because sally charges too much for it, I've bought it online in the giant bottle and it's lasted me for ever but then again i do use a mix of lots of different top coats

  2. I would because it still had the bottom label. However, it's still crazy!

  3. Yeah. It's probably just an old bottle. If it looks ok consistency wise, i would have bought it.