Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fun With Mylar Flakes

Mylar Flakes aka Party Ice Confetti, is the arch enemy to my boyfriend. The poor guy already has to deal with drops of nail polish on his sweatpants, acrylic/monomer spills on the bed sheets, glitter EVERYWHERE, and now these flaky, light strips of, basically, pretty garbage plastic landed in his printer and is making it very very hard for him to print out his papers for school. :( Nevertheless these mylar flakes are gorgeous as pseudo French tips. I filed my acrylics down very thin and applied glue to my tips like a French tip, and rolled my fingers in the flakes. I shaped the smile line using an orange stick and covered them with clear acrylic. After filing, shaping and buffing them to perfection, I topped them with just top coat for a few days and then painted on these flowers and Konad flowers later on. This flower is from a previous post, but added a pink rhinestone to the center and then in a really subtle silver, stamped on Konad plate m5 (I'm pretty sure) to the other nails. I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out. I a fairly large bag of these Mylar flakes in the confetti section at Michaels, I think they were$1.99. I don't think I'll ever finish using this bag though because a little goes a really long way.

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