Sunday, September 5, 2010

Make a Wish Foundation!

My girlfriend Harmony and I were lucky enough to actually get to help make a wish come true for the Make a Wish Foundation for a little girl named Cassandra, who is just about the sweetest thing around these parts. She wished to become a rockstar and since my girl Harms and her crew are filmmakers, they produced a pretty rad little music video for her and this song she wrote called "Butterfly". (This is why I made that butterfly post a while back; I was practicing different butterfly designs for the project.) Anyways, H and I were the lucky hair and makeup girls and had a blast. Cassandra is so sweet. She had on chipped hot pink nail polish, and when I told her I'd be doing her nails, she of course, wouldn't have anything but more pink laquered on. That and light pink butterflies and pink eyeshadow... My picture of her nails is totally a blur, because everyone was trying to take pictures of her after she'd gotten the rockstar treatment and was blinged out on her hands and Gaga-ed in costume... Hope she enjoyed her wish and may God bless her.

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