Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sparkly Starry New Year's Nails!

Sorry, guys! I know I've been lazy and taking pictures with my webcam, its hella blurry compared to my digital camera... For this, I used Martha Stewarts Onyx glitter mixed with clear acrylic to do the black tips, I also threw in a tiny scoop of her tinsel glitter in Sterling. then I stuck on a few silver star confetti I got at Michael's (I think there's like 2-3 thousand stars in a bag for like $1.99). Then I gobbed on a top of clear acrylic to seal them in. It took me forever to file off the silver tips I had on for Xmas that I didn't take a picture of. I feel like I was just filing my nails for 3 hours. (I was.) Happy New Year's everyone!

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