Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Makeup Sponging? Sponge-ing?

I finally got my hands on some makeup sponges to experiment with fading nail polish techniques! Since I just have makeup brushes, I never went out and bought a whole bag of sponges because I didn't know how it would turn out. Now that I do, I think that makeup sponges is a total must have for any nail polish fanatic. In the top picture, I sponged on a very light coat of nail polish starting from the very tip of my nail and working my way down toward the nail base. Only work in one direction! If you don't, you won't get a nice fading effect like shown here. Then once you have a light coat, apply more nail polish to the sponge and work from the tip down again to ensure full opacity. Since you don't get a completely smooth look from sponging they way you do painting the nail, I applied a full coat of shimmery top coat (glitter top coat would also work well). It helped to smooth out the look of any imperfections. In the second photo I started with pink and working my way up the tip, I started to add a darker purple and then the darked sponged right on to the very tip. I think if you have many shades of one color it looks more dramatic than the first photo, where I sponged on only one shade of each color. Hope you guys like this!


  1. We both did sponging this week! Yours looks so much better than mine! Fun!

  2. p.s. your comments to me always make me smile. Wanted to email you but didn't see an email for ya :) Thanks again ;)