Wednesday, January 5, 2011


First set of nails done in my new place in COCO COUNTY!! Personally, I think I'm getting better at doing glitter acrylic French tips (versus painting them on). I got inspiration to mix the glitters like they're fading into one another from my last post of the sponging technique and from a Thank You card I recently made with the same glitter. I used Martha Stewart's "Lapis Lazuli" glitter (blue) and "Tourmaline" (pink). I just mixed a 1/4 tsp of the glitter with 1/2 tsp CLEAR acrylic and applied the pink in the shape of the smile line, leaving a small space. I then applied the blue at the tip (the squared off part) leaving the same space in the middle of the colors. Then I mixed the pink and blue (NOT USING PURPLE GLITTER), and voila~! Filled everything in with clear acrylic. If any one actually cares, it IS possible for me to do video tutorials, just ask nicely. :) Also, this design was really simple to do with my left hand as well.

These are my NYE firework nails for No Naked Nails! Did these on my old roomate Meghan. Miss you MegPoo!!


  1. I would LOVE if you did tutorials. You're a professional and it would be nice to see how you do it, versus me just making it up :)... oh, and your fireworks ROCK. So good.

  2. lol youre so funny im not a professional i started doing nails in my bedroom this summer and i only had like 3 polishes. i'll see what i can do!

  3. just discovered ur blog thru manicured monkey's tweet. i loved it!! u r really good!!

    can wait to try the fireworks