Sunday, January 29, 2012

ELF Matte Finisher Review (and some nail art)

I decided to try out this nail trend and I thought it best to buy a matte topcoat vs matte polish. That way I could make any of my polishes seem matte. I bought ELF Matte Finisher for just $2 on and was pleasantly surprised at the quality. As I have read in reviews, it smells horrible!!!!! I couldn't handle it the first night I tried it out. In the picture that only shows 2 nails, I painted them all with Black Out by Sally Hansen. Then on my ring finger I did one coat of the Matte finisher then striped on regular glossy top coat in a zebra pattern. The difference between the matte and the glossy is subtle but very interesting to look at. Today, I painted my nails with Ash Wangsday, my franken, then did a black and white cheetah print leaving the ing finger solid as my accent. Then I layered a thick coat of the Matte Finisher and I'm not sure how I feel about matte over nail art. It smoothed the seams but not as well as with Seche Vite, so I just layered on Seche Vite on top, and it was like the matte never happened. All in all here's my review key points...
Does exactly what it says it does
Horrible smell
Little streaky, unless you apply one thick coat

Hope this review helps you! Try it out if you haven't tried matte polishes or top costs because it's the best deal for its price.

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