Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pink Glitter & White French Mani

Classic pink & whites with a twist! I accidentally grabbed my sparkly pink glitter vomit mix instead of my regular clear pink I use on my nail bed. There's all kinds of glitter in there: pink metallic tinsel, pink and purple dust glitter, iridescent hexagons and stars. Basically the kitchen sink. I placed the white cut out acrylic tips sort of lower on my nail bed than I usually would so it has room to grow out for a couple weeks. I used Krazy Glue to adhere my tips on and it was so bad! It took forever to dry! I only put my acrylics back on because I had found a fresh bottle of Krazy Glue in my craft box and I have been out of glue for over 2 months now! Well, that's all folks, and prolly for a little while unless I feel inspired to dress up these nails enough to post!


  1. I love this mani! Great job whered you get or how did you make the "pink glitter vomit"? Lol

  2. I mixed clear acrylic with hot pink so it's kinda clear, then added Martha Stewart pink rectangle glitter, pink fine glitter, and iridescent stars and hexagon glitters. Shook it all up and applied it to my nail bed.