Saturday, July 24, 2010

ADORABLE Rainbow Polkadotted Tips :)

Rainbows are not usually my kind of thing, but surprisingly I kept this set on longer than 1 day! I had it on for a full 2 days, and that's something. They are just SO cute! I painted on pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue French tips, and used my dotting tool to carefully make large white dots on top (and of course a good think layer of my go-to glitter top coat.) The following colors were used in this design:
NYC "Pink Promenade Creme"
MilaniNEON "Awesome Orange"
Sally Hansen Instant Dry "Lightening"
Wet N Wild "Green with Envy"
Sally Hansen Complete Manicure "Blue Calypso"
This is a simple, but very cute design that really doesn't require much talent, just a steady hand.