Thursday, July 8, 2010

While watching the news...

While watching for potential riots on the news today in downtown Oakland, I was experimenting with some more designs. The first is boring; I used patches of white "French White Creme" by Wet N Wild, maroon "Burgundy Frost" by Wet N Wild, and a metallic light blue/purple "Rain Check" also by Wet N Wild. I just outlined it with some "Black Lace Creme" by NYC and there's some dots on there too because I'm so into dots since I found my new dotting tool. The second is an idea I got from Love4Nails on YouTube. She's amazing; she does lots of nail tutorials on YouTube and is really talented and the way she talks is just strangely relaxing! So for those who haven't seen her YouTube videos, definitely check her out! I made four checkered patches and outlined them with white dots. I used Nicole's "Respect the World" as the blue, Nicole's "Virtuous Violet" for purple, "Caribbean Frost" by Wet N Wild as the greenish blue, and "Burgundy Frost" by Wet N Wild as the maroon. Then of course, as I do with most every design, covered it in glitter BEFORE dotting on the white outlines.

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