Monday, July 12, 2010

Enjoying my new color stash- new design!

More of my new color stash plus a sweet new design. The yellow and orange is "lightening" by Sally Hansen and "Awesome Orange" by Milani Neon. I did a sort of pound sign designs using my striping brush in orange on top of the yellow ring finger. Just to pull it together.

This design was friggen tedious; black and white stripes meeting in the middle on top of my new favorite,"Calypso Blue" Sally Hansen Complete Manicure. These new Sally Hansen brushes are awful. I'll try to post a picture soon of the brush, but to make a French manicure I had to use a brush from an OPI polish! Horrible. The instant dry polish by Sally Hansen also have the same brushes. Anyways, enjoy this design- I couldn't because I smudged almost every finger after taking the pictures!


  1. oooh, i love the blue & white tiger stripes. very pretty!

  2. girl, these nails are fab! Come over and do mine!