Friday, April 1, 2011

Aladdin! - Disney Series #3

Soooo, day 3 of my Disney series and I am pooped already. Pooped from making skin color blends on a piece of paper... pooped from making Disney eyes, which I stink at.... Basically, I've never been good at drawing peope (or painting for that matter)... So my people characters like Jafar and especially Princess Jasmine comeout looking awkward and Picasso-esque.

I have a short list of requests and I definitely have the time....The question is 'am I motivated enough to paint only Disney characters the next 3 weeks?'.

If anyone was wondering why I'm only choosing 5 characters and not 10, it's because I don't want to put Disney to too much shame by painting with my left hand and also AFTER I update my blog I remove the freaky lil pictures from my fingers and paint on French tips again. Yes, it's a lot of work, but after my first incident of trying to take a shower with the South Park kids on my nails, I know now that it's too creepy to have 5 or 10 pairs of eyes staring up at you all the time.

So, if anyone can't actually tell who I painted in this picture, it is as follows:

Thumb- Aladdin

Pointer- Genie

Middle- Jasmine (Yikes! I know...)

Ring- Jafar

Pinky- Iago

Stay tuned, folks!

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  1. You're so good! If you don't do it for 3 whole weeks that will be OK :) Do what you want!