Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rainbow Nails

I know I posted this on my Tumblr already but I had to update my blogger. This design I did on a nail tip that I had glued to a pencil about 10 months ago, but I had forgotten about it until just recently I found a bunch of experimental designs in a cigar box on my bookshelf. I actually did this in the middle of my Disney series, but didn't post it til just now. The day after I did these, my girlfriend Meghan came over and I did this exact design on her real nails (since they are so long) for her Whiskey Wednesday at her place. I love this design and think it would have been great for PRIDE; however, since I am really lacking gay friends lately ('cept you Ryan), I have no reason to go to PRIDE anymore. It's lost its pizzazz and the margaritas are too expensive now. Also, I've never found Tranny Alley; I have seen it on the website map, but never found it in all my years...

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