Sunday, April 24, 2011

Purple Glitter Acrylic Mix

Haven't done a glitter acrylic mix in a while, and thought I'd give myself a break after being so tired from my vacation.... I haven't given a name to this mix, but it has an unexpected color combo. I used mostly Charoite (a purple fine glitter), Lapis Lazuli (a tinsel bright blue glitter), and Copper (a tinsel copper glitter) all by Martha Stewart. I eyeballed the purple glitter into a tiny bowl and put equal amounts of copper and blue tinsels. I mix the glitters first because I can see what the colors and proportions before adding the clear acrylic powder (which looks white). When I found a nice balance, I added the acrylic and applied my French tips. I'm happy overall with how it turned out. I love the color of the purple glitter, but never seem to use it on my nails...

I added a half swipe of LA Colors Art Deco striping brush in a black with silver glitter color. And that's it! I'll prolly keep this on for a few days until I can't stand it anymore. I'm getting there. If you want information about making your own glitter/acrylic mixes, just email me or comment below. I might do a tutorial, but honestly I'm video camera-shy!

Martha Stewart Glitters:

purple: Charoite

blue(tinsel): Lapiz Lazuli

copper (tinsel): Copper

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