Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Bear Necessities - Disney Series #7

This post is for Maricured Monkey at Sorry I'm having hella trouble posting links lately. But yeah here is the Jungle Book and a special close up shop of King Louie the orangutang monkey (I think technically he's an ape since he doesn't have a tail). :) I got hella lazy doing the middle-pinky fingers because I was having soooo much trouble painting the tiger (which, obviously, is not shown since I kept trying to redo it...)

I forgot to put a topcoap on, so it's not shinny at all except for where the nail polish is, and you can totally see my acrylics starting to grow out! Yuck!

Here are all the characters if you can't figure it out yourself:

Thumb - King Louie

Pointer - Khan

Middle - Balou the Bear!

Ring - Mowgli

Pinky - Bagira

Yayyy, I can cross another movie off my list today!

I still have time before my trip, and am crossing requests off my list at a steady rate, so I am still free to take a few more requests! Enjoy, and stay tuned for more Disney movie nails! Thank you everyone for following and commenting- I love getting feedback!