Saturday, May 7, 2011

Challenge Tag!

Alright, so I got tagged in a Challenge to blindly pick 3 colors out of my polish stash and do a design with them! Leslie over at Nail Polish Art Addiction tagged me, and I must confess: I almost cheated. 5 times I picked colors and kept throwing them back in so I had to have my boyfriend reach in and grab three colors. As usual, I was disappointed in the colors which is why I did this:

1. I painted my French tips on with a neon green.

2. Made random swirly lines with a sparkly brown.

3. I really didn't want to use the red so I lined just the very edge of the nail with it! Pretty sly, huh? You can only see the red from a certain angle, and yknow what? I actually think it looks pretty cool! You might see this technique popping up in my blog later on.
The colors my boyfriend picked from my stash in one handful were:

LA Girl Disco Brites in "Can U Dig It?"

LA Colors Art Deco in "Red"

OPI's "Meet Me On The Star Ferry"

And to top all of it off, I have to tag someone else to do this challenge and I'm going with :

Emily's Nail Files at

Colores de Carol at

and last but not least Manicured Monkey at

Because they are all super talented ladies!

ALSO CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME DO THIS: everytime I try to embed a link it doesn't work. I need help!!!


  1. You did a Good Job!

    Thank you very much for tagging me!

    You can see my post for this tag here

  2. 1- thank you for the challenge/shout out/compliment here’s my link for it:
    2- your mani came out amazing! I'm impressed :)
    3- directions to making a link: assuming you know where the link button is on the top of your new post box (as you're typing a post it's by the picture icon), click and a pop up box will show. First box you enter the text you want to show in your post ie: "click here", the second you enter in the url (web address) you want that "click here" words to take you to. Make sure you have the complete url (you can copy the link from your browser's address bar (where you would type in a web page to go, this is where you find it)), make sure the second box is clear of words before you paste your url in there. if you need further help, email me :)