Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Floral Print on Creme de Menthe

So, I guess I wasn't happy with the roses I did for Chrissy's birthday a few posts back so I redid it on my first (unpublished) franken (never photo-ed) called Mint Julep. Note that I made it in a Seche Vite bottle. I do not reccomend anyone do this is in a Seche Vite Dry-Fast Top Coat bottle, because, while it was easy to mix, it thickened up quite fast. It was almost unusable after 2 weeks.

I still am not happy with the roses, or whatever kind of flower they are, but I like the color scheme, and I will definitely be posting a new floral print soon when I am satisfied with the result. Practice makes perfect.


  1. Great manicure. You did an amazing job on the flowers!!

  2. It looks really great :)

    I got the Liebster Blog again and this time I'm giving it to you ;)


  3. I think your flowers look awesome! :) Very pretty!

  4. You have some fab designs! This one is lovely. I just started following :)