Sunday, May 29, 2011

Glitter Fade + 3D Stars!

I love doing glitter acrylix mixes like this but I don't know why I still do it since I get sick of them in like 2 days, and you can't take them off like nail polish. Anyways, I did four different color mixes with my Martha Stewart glitters, the pink/silver is called Kunzite, the purple/silver is called Purple Sapphire, the green/silver and green/gold is Golden Beryl mixed with Peridot (my August birthstone!) and the turquoise is of course Turquoise.

I have a few thousand of these flat star confetti, which look really cool embedded under the acrylic.

Hopefully I'll figure out a way to do nail art somehow on top of this nail design when I get super bored of them.

Also, I'm having problems with my computer! I've been looking at everyones blog but I can't comment! When I write a comment on your post, it asks me to sign in, then I sign in again and it keeps putting me in a loop! So I'm sorry, to my fav bloggers, I am reading you but I can't talk to you- if anyone knows how to help, it would be greatly appreciated!

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