Saturday, May 14, 2011

San Francisco BAY TO BREAKERS Nails!

YAYYYY! Bay To Breakers 100th year is coming up this Sunday!!! For those of you who don't know, Bay To Breakers is an annual footrace here in San Francisco, CA. It is 12K (7miles) and runs from the Embarcadero (the bay) to Ocean Beach (where the waves break)! This will be my 3rd year (not running; walking and getting drunk) and I am very very excited for this very special milestone in SF history!

Here on my nails, I've done a little Golden Gate Bridge on my thumb, and Bay To Breakers 100 on the rest of the nails. You can't see it very well but I tried to tie-dye the backgrounds of my four fingers.

Here's a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge- note: I forgot top coat, this would have been SUCH a nice turnout without the brush stroke marks :( .

OK I kinda messed up this post, but the picture in the middle is me and my boyfriend at B2B 2010, which was the 99th year! Yay, that's also when I JUST started doing nail art too. My blogiversary is coming up soon!


  1. i love the golden bridge..
    happy bloggversary to you :D

  2. yay! have fun ! coverage of it has been insane lately! no alcohol?! ya right!

  3. hehe... how did you manage to get that photo without any naked people in the background?? what a fun race~!! i did it a couple of years ago :)