Tuesday, October 18, 2011

30 Day Nail Challenge - Day 23 - Inspired by a Movie

I am a few days behind on blogging, but I have the pictures to prove I still did my challenge! I'm going to upload them all now, and keep the posts to a minimum.

For "Inspired by a Movie" I chose to do Scream, keeping in mind the season; also I just saw Scream 4 which was pretty awesome. I was thinking about doing "Stab" nails which is the movie in the movie Scream that tells the story of the first 3 Scream movies... Basically it's Scream's "Scream"?? I didn't think anyone would get it so I just stuck to the original. On the thumb and ring finger I have painted on the Scream mask, the index finger is just kinda random but inspired by the frayed edge of the killer's outfit. The middle is a bloody finger print with some blood dripping from the cuticle (it really looked like my finger was bleeding, it was actually creepy looking at IRL). The pinky's a bloody knife!

OK on to the next post...

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  1. These turned out gorgeous! I wish you had done Stab nails though, not only would I have gotten it, but it would have been totally meta! Haha!