Monday, October 3, 2011

30 Day Nail Challenge - Day 9 - Rainbow

So I did a pastel rainbow gradient over my whole nail. Covered up any sponge seams using Wet N Wild Hallucinate glitter topcoat. You can't really see the colors that well, I tried to take an inside picture and an outside picture but it was dark and gloomy out since it is raining today !!
I used these colors, all mixed with white to make them pastels:
I sponged them onto a white base diagonally, and then added one coat of Hallucinate with another coat of Beauty Secrets Hardening Top Coat.


  1. Perfectly sponged, adore that you turned them all in to sweet pastels

  2. a lot of your nail designs are extreme and question did you wear acrylics for you thirty day challenge or are these your real nails.

  3. Yes they are pretty extreme, I suppose. These are clear acrylics, and I just painted over them