Wednesday, October 19, 2011

30 Day Nail Challenge - Day 25 - Inspired by a Pattern - Burberry

Funny, I chose this for "pattern" instead of fashion. But this pattern is highly recognizable, so I hope I didn't totally make a mockery of it! I attempted to do the Burberry plaid, which is super hard because it has so many intersecting lines. I used a lot of top coat to smooth out the striping process.

My process is as follows:
1. 1 coat Apricot Beige by Caroina
2. Using the brush in the bottle, made thick "T" shapes on each nail.
3. 1 coat top coat. Let dry.
4. Using red striper brush, add the 4 red stripes, intersecting at the center of the beige square.
5. 1 coat top coat. Let dry.
6.. Using a custom striper brush, paint on one direction of the navy lines on each nail.
7. 1 coat top coat, and let dry.
8. Paint on the last 3 navy lines perpendicular to the first set, intersecting at the intersection of the white cross shape.
9. Then top coat to smooth.

Came out pretty smooth, huh? Coulda been a bumpy mess. :)


  1. Very cleanly done, there are a lotta lines there that could've gone totally wrong! Looks great, hat's off to ya :)

  2. I agree with Nail Nerd you did a great job!