Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Playboy Glitter! Mail's here!

Got my 12-color Playboy bunny head shaped glitter in the mail just now~ Had to post a pick for you guys-

I ordered it from an independent seller from a Chinese version of ebay sorta... It was about $9US but free shipping! I first found out these existed when watching a video on YouTube of a chick sorting through her nail storage boxes and explaining the products she used. When she pulled out some Playboy shaped glitter, I freaked out and went on a 2-day non-stop internet search to find these. The only other place I could find them was on a Chinese wholesale site that was selling them for about $5/set but you had to buy 100 sets. Finally I found this guy and was happy to pay $9 for them.

It looks like there's about 100+ of each color, so should last me... a lifetime.

The box is very durable and came in this bag. This was the "spillage" that had leaked out. Just a few pink and reds fell out into the bottom of the bag, but only took me about 3 minutes to sort them out and put them back in there place on the set. Then all the eyes that had been punched out had fallen into the bag as well (which is weird because all the containers were closed and they are very hard to open...) I saved all the eye punches in a small clear container for use in maybe a franken or some other nail art that calls for tiny holo dots.
Here is the size of one of the bunnies. It's about .5cm. They are small enough to be encased in acrylic-
I did this on my ONE white French nail that's on my left thumb. Y'all haven't seen the white tip because I've been painting over it this whole time during my challenge. I just filed it thinner to add more acrylic, added some holo white glitter from Martha Stewarts irridecent collection, then added some black stars and a blue bunny. Cased in clear acrylic. Filed, shaped, buffed, and glossed with Beauty Secrets Hardening top coat. Sweet! :) Can't wait to do a full set of these after this long 30 day challenge!