Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pretty Pretty Flower Nails

This "Blue Calypso" base color by Sally Hansen has a coat of Sally Hansen HD "Blu" on top and I am IN LOVE with it! I painted on these really cute flowers on a few of my nails and a few simple stripes on the rest. I will do a tutorial on how to do these flowers ON REQUEST... they are really easy, they just take a little patience. So if anyone needs to knw how to do the flowers, just comment below and I'll post a tutorial. I'm so bad, I get a few people asking me HOW to do my designs, but I promise I will start posting tutorials, but only if people ask nicely. :) Anyways, I just did an asymetrical blue tip, and these pretty flowers! It's too bad I did 2 girls right after I did my nails and they were ruined by the end of the night. I would have kept them on longer, but good thing I snapped a photo!