Stash Virtual Tour

This is my nail stuff storage unit! It was given to me as a birthday gift from my friend Megan who also loves polish and nail art. It's a Helmer drawer unit from Ikea and it's amazing! I didn't even know how unorganized my nail stuff was until I put everything in labeled drawers... Keeps me so organized and is really fun to look at! Thanks Meg!

The first two drawers are all just polishes. See how perfectly nail polish fits standing up in these drawers? Perfect size! I organized them into clusters by brand. It's kinda hard to see colors with them in the drawers like this, but as this is my nail polish collection, I know where it is when I'm looking for something.

My favorite drawer: Nail art. It has all the good stuff: nail art brushes, dotting tools, mylar, glow in the dark polish, fimo slices, rhinestones, stickers, stamping supplies, nail art polish pens, glitter confetti shapes... (sigh) I absolutely love looking in here... :)
My tools drawer has all my files, buff blocks, clippers, top coat, orange sticks, cuticle oil, drills (one battery-operated that's not very strong and one that plugs into the wall that is very strong 20,000 RPM), drill bits, and my favorite little alligator nail clippers that I've had since middle school!

Here's my acrylic construction drawer, with tons of clear tips, white tips, acrylic powder, liquid monomer, glue, etc... This drawer will get more exciting as I will be moving into colored acrylic and 3d acrylic sculpture soon!! Hopefully this Christmas I'll start getting lots of cool acrylic colors!
Last but not least, my bottom drawer is ALL 48 of my Martha Stewart glitters, acetone, cotton balls, paper towels, makeup sponges... pretty much my 2nd favorite drawer (because of my Martha glitter).

I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of my nail stash!!