Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting Ready for Vday !

Is it too soon for Vday nails? Considering we haven't even hit Super Bowl yet...? Well anyways I am not sure what the name of this light pink is but it came from a set of 10 nail pens I got for Xmas. I just made some doily-adorned hearts on my ring fingers and thumbs. First I made an outline of a heart with white dots and filled it in with a darker pink. I know I desperately need a fill!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Search for a Perfect Cheetah Color Scheme

I know I've posted hella cheetah/leopard print, but I can't seem to find the perfect colors to keep longer than 2 days!!! Here I have "Here's the Color to Watch" by OPI and Cabernet Frost by Wet N Wild. Nothing seems to fit. I will go out and buy nail polish if someone else can show me a picture of the perfect leopard print. I've tried everything, browns, purples, pinks, rainbows, mixed colors. I need a list and a picture of the perfect shades for leopard print. Thanks!

Rasta and Yoshi Nail Night

Oddrey and I were feeling colorful one night this week (pre-Q-Zar) and painted our nails a bright green and red- her's the Yoshi and Mario Mushroom nails and mine the boring red, yellow, and green stripes.
Also, in response to No Naked Nails' Seche Vite blog post/question: Oddrey's natural nails painted with a coat of Seche Vite top coat are having the same peeling problem you described. I haven't had this problem, maybe because I have acrylics.
Oddrey and I were really better off painting her nails with an off brand top coat. They lasted an entire week without chipping or peeling.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Heineken Nails

Crappy picture because it was taken by my dirty iPhone, but still cool. Did these in December but never uploaded to my blog. I started out trying to do a Christmas nail design (hence the green n red) but once I painted the French tips with a jade like green from OPI that I borrowed from my roommate Ashley, I was then inspired by an empty bottle of Heineken that was on the table I was sitting at. I want to do more logos. Stay tuned peeps, I'll also try to only upload clear pictures.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Neon leopard rainbow nails!!!!

So... this is Audrey, i got my nails done today and they look awesome , i didnt even know what i wanted tell she picked it out. hers are done with
metallic colors and she wanted to do a " Lisa Frank" look ,bright and so they stand out. well she acomplished it!!!! and i love them !!! i usually dont paint them but........
i cant wait to see whats next !!!
first she did the patches of background color and then the spots over with the nailritz nail pens ... then went to sallys and got the Seche Vite top coat. witch we finshed them off with two coats tell smooth.
i hope u do them cause there a must !!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Job; New Nails!

So my NY's resolution was to get a job (after being unemployed from quitting my job last February, so almost a year sitting on my ass). But at least I learned something in 2010 a.k.a. the year of being broke. Being on a budget, I learned a few things about saving money by doing things myself. For instance, learning how to cook at home vs. going out to eat. And of course....doing my own nails! This blog has journaled my nail progress from the very beginning; I'm pretty proud of myself. I've saved money instead of going to the nail salons and even made a few bucks from doing my roomate and friends' nails! Anyways, that freeloader train gets off here and now I have a new job and it's only 2 weeks into the new year. I've decided to make a new resolution! I've decided that now that I have a job, I want to continue to update my blog once a week. So here are the designs from my first two days at my new job. The top one is just a basic French tip: base color, a turqouise frost "Respect The World" Nicole by OPI, with a green-blue chunky glitter on top by Sinful Colors called "Nail Junkie". I added some stickers of white flowers on there and then a buttload of topcoat to seal it. The stickers I rarely use, but can't forget to credit the girl who gave them to my for my birthday last year, my old roommate Allison. Hi Allison! Thanks for the stickers, I got lots of compliments on them! The second set are pink French tips with the base pink called "Pink Promenade Creme" by NYC with a coat of Sally Hansens HD pink-blue shimmer called "LCD" which in my opinion the best shade out of the Sally Hansen HD Collection. And threw in some cute flowers which I painted on with the nail art brushes I got from my girlfriend Harmony! Thanks Harmony! Love the nail are brushes, I feel complete with them in my nail box! While, I'm thanking so many people in this post, I might as well credit the rest of the people that helped make these two nail looks complete:
Thanks to:
Kevin, my love, for buying me Nail Junkie by Sinful Colors (and picking it out! Shh! He's not reading this blog anyways...)
Kirsty, my old roommate (miss you) who gave me the Sally Hansen HD polish last summer
aaaaand Julia, my other ex roommate who gave me the Respect the World by Nicole.
I know this is wordy but just in case anyone that has given me nail stuff and totally supported my obsessive hobby is reading this: Thanks, friends! Thanks for letting me do your nails hella crazy and for looking at mine up to 5x a day, and sometimes late at night! Love you guys, I couldn't have gotten this far without you.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Does anyone have OPI's "Aphrodite's Pink Nightie"?

It's a light pink shimmery frost nail polish. I am having trouble with it... I got it for Christmas along with "Meet Me On The Star Ferry" and it's super streaky. The color is really pretty from far away, but close up it streaks... Does anyone else have a problem with it? I shook it up a bunch...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


First set of nails done in my new place in COCO COUNTY!! Personally, I think I'm getting better at doing glitter acrylic French tips (versus painting them on). I got inspiration to mix the glitters like they're fading into one another from my last post of the sponging technique and from a Thank You card I recently made with the same glitter. I used Martha Stewart's "Lapis Lazuli" glitter (blue) and "Tourmaline" (pink). I just mixed a 1/4 tsp of the glitter with 1/2 tsp CLEAR acrylic and applied the pink in the shape of the smile line, leaving a small space. I then applied the blue at the tip (the squared off part) leaving the same space in the middle of the colors. Then I mixed the pink and blue (NOT USING PURPLE GLITTER), and voila~! Filled everything in with clear acrylic. If any one actually cares, it IS possible for me to do video tutorials, just ask nicely. :) Also, this design was really simple to do with my left hand as well.

These are my NYE firework nails for No Naked Nails! Did these on my old roomate Meghan. Miss you MegPoo!!

Makeup Sponging? Sponge-ing?

I finally got my hands on some makeup sponges to experiment with fading nail polish techniques! Since I just have makeup brushes, I never went out and bought a whole bag of sponges because I didn't know how it would turn out. Now that I do, I think that makeup sponges is a total must have for any nail polish fanatic. In the top picture, I sponged on a very light coat of nail polish starting from the very tip of my nail and working my way down toward the nail base. Only work in one direction! If you don't, you won't get a nice fading effect like shown here. Then once you have a light coat, apply more nail polish to the sponge and work from the tip down again to ensure full opacity. Since you don't get a completely smooth look from sponging they way you do painting the nail, I applied a full coat of shimmery top coat (glitter top coat would also work well). It helped to smooth out the look of any imperfections. In the second photo I started with pink and working my way up the tip, I started to add a darker purple and then the darked sponged right on to the very tip. I think if you have many shades of one color it looks more dramatic than the first photo, where I sponged on only one shade of each color. Hope you guys like this!