Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mixing Gel Polishes with Regular Polish

Let's talk about something all brands advise you NOT to do: cure nail polish under UV lamps. Or seal nail polish with gel topcoats. Or whatever you want to call it. It can be done! 
When experimenting in the realms of traditional nail polish and UV gel curing polishes: tread lightly. This is a new and temperamental science. But who wants to replace their 300+ polish collection with the expensive gel counterparts? I sure don't. For those looking for a long lasting mani using your regular polishes and a gel UV systems, shiny and durable... Here are the steps I've gathered to far...

What you need: 

File (for natural nails) 180 or more grit, fine 
A UV or LED base coat
A (traditional, air drying) polish
UV or LED topcoat/sealer 
91% (preferred) isopropyl alcohol or any cleansing liquid that came with your gel system
Any cuticle oil
UV or LED nail lamp

Here's how to do it:
1. Remove any nail polish or gel using acetone NPR or a soak of method.
2. Rough up the nail bed using a natural nail file, fine, 180 or higher to be safe.
3. Push back cuticles for maximum lasting mani.
4. Prep the nail bed with any cleansing liquid or alcohol.
5. Paint a thin coat of UV base coat and cure duration of your brand of lamp and base cost.
6. After curing, use alcohol or cleansing liquid to remove tacky layer from cured base coat covered nails.
7. Paint a thin coat of any traditional nail polish. Continue until desired opacity. 
8. Let AIR DRY as you normally would.
9. If you think your nails are dry, they're not. Let dry another 5 minutes.
10. Paint a thin layer of UV or LED topcoat on, cure. 
11. Wipe off tacky layer with alcohol or cleansing liquid. 
12. Apply cuticle oil. 
13. Voila!!

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