Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Nails (semi-fail)

I smeared the Union Jack when applying top coat.

But here's the best I could do for the Royal Wedding.

And for the record, I don't like Kate Middleton, or as some call her "Watie Katie".

Prince William is not even wearing, OR EXCHANGING a wedding band tomorrow. I think he's just being pressured to get married and she's just at the right place at the right time. Just like Princess Di.... I liked her though.

Oooohhh, hope I didn't offend anyone!

Jurassic Park Nails!!

Hold on to your butts! Chrissy came over with a strange request for dinosaur nails. But not just any ol' dino nails.... Jurassic Park nails. I have to hand it to Chrissy. Her and Oddrey come up with the craziest requests, but it really does push me to try stuff I wouldn't normally do and it makes me a better nail artist.

Here, I've done a rendition of the Jurassic Park logo, but before you people start to correct me... I know the colors on the thumb nail are inverted. I wasn't looking at the picture when I did it. Shame on me. It's supposed to be a red circle with a yellow ring around it. I don't know if you can see the detail in the dino skeleton silhouette, but it's not too shabby. Her other hand had a yellow with green sponged on it, much like the little Jeep buggy they drive around the park. The car has maroon stripes on it, but after I painted the stripes on, she asked if it could be made into dripping blood so we did that.

Well, hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pink Wednesday Semi-Fail

So this is my first official post for Pink Wednesdays, I was in Disneyland last week (I still wore pink for my trip though).

It was a total fail! My nails still have purple glitter acrylic tips so I had to paint over it to make it pink. I tried to do a couple coats of a see-through pink to tint the purple... It just made it look dirty and gross! I tried to spice it up by putting little black bowties on them... It didn't help. I hate this, but I tried like 5 other designs and it just wont cover the purple! Better luck next week, I guess...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Purple Glitter Acrylic Mix

Haven't done a glitter acrylic mix in a while, and thought I'd give myself a break after being so tired from my vacation.... I haven't given a name to this mix, but it has an unexpected color combo. I used mostly Charoite (a purple fine glitter), Lapis Lazuli (a tinsel bright blue glitter), and Copper (a tinsel copper glitter) all by Martha Stewart. I eyeballed the purple glitter into a tiny bowl and put equal amounts of copper and blue tinsels. I mix the glitters first because I can see what the colors and proportions before adding the clear acrylic powder (which looks white). When I found a nice balance, I added the acrylic and applied my French tips. I'm happy overall with how it turned out. I love the color of the purple glitter, but never seem to use it on my nails...

I added a half swipe of LA Colors Art Deco striping brush in a black with silver glitter color. And that's it! I'll prolly keep this on for a few days until I can't stand it anymore. I'm getting there. If you want information about making your own glitter/acrylic mixes, just email me or comment below. I might do a tutorial, but honestly I'm video camera-shy!

Martha Stewart Glitters:

purple: Charoite

blue(tinsel): Lapiz Lazuli

copper (tinsel): Copper

Rainbow Nails

I know I posted this on my Tumblr already but I had to update my blogger. This design I did on a nail tip that I had glued to a pencil about 10 months ago, but I had forgotten about it until just recently I found a bunch of experimental designs in a cigar box on my bookshelf. I actually did this in the middle of my Disney series, but didn't post it til just now. The day after I did these, my girlfriend Meghan came over and I did this exact design on her real nails (since they are so long) for her Whiskey Wednesday at her place. I love this design and think it would have been great for PRIDE; however, since I am really lacking gay friends lately ('cept you Ryan), I have no reason to go to PRIDE anymore. It's lost its pizzazz and the margaritas are too expensive now. Also, I've never found Tranny Alley; I have seen it on the website map, but never found it in all my years...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Go-To Pink

I AM SO SICK OF DISNEY I can't believe I'm going to Disneyland tomorrow! I had to switch it up and end my Disney series so I could be excited about Disneyland and not tired and frustrated!

I chose to do a hot pink to contrast my platinum blonde hair that I worked on all weekend. I used this weird pink-orange neon that my girl Julia gave me-which color number rubbed off, and topped it with my GO -TO pink shimmer which is Sally Hansen's HD in LCD. I've said it before and I've said it again, it is such a pretty color in the sun, you can see a tiny bit of blue micro-shimmer. Then decorated it with teeny tiny leopard spots that I did using a nail pen. :) Maybe I will post a non-nail related picture from Disneyland. <3

Monday, April 11, 2011

Finding Nemo - Disney Series #8

OMG only one more week of Disney nails and I'm off to Disneyland! I just want everyone to know that I am super sick of doing this but I will finish what I started and see this out to the end. I don't know who the ring finger or the pinky are, but the thumb is Nemo ( you can't see, but he has a bigger fin on the other side of the nail), the pointer is that little squid guy, and the middle is Dory. I couldn't fit her yellow parts on the nail, but you can still kinda tell it is her. I tried to keep my nails long so that I would have room to paint my characters, but I couldn't handle it anymore so I filed them down. Also, thank you guys for reading up on my disney posts! It's been a lot of fun and I'm excited for it to be over with! A few more to come! Ciao--!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Bear Necessities - Disney Series #7

This post is for Maricured Monkey at Sorry I'm having hella trouble posting links lately. But yeah here is the Jungle Book and a special close up shop of King Louie the orangutang monkey (I think technically he's an ape since he doesn't have a tail). :) I got hella lazy doing the middle-pinky fingers because I was having soooo much trouble painting the tiger (which, obviously, is not shown since I kept trying to redo it...)

I forgot to put a topcoap on, so it's not shinny at all except for where the nail polish is, and you can totally see my acrylics starting to grow out! Yuck!

Here are all the characters if you can't figure it out yourself:

Thumb - King Louie

Pointer - Khan

Middle - Balou the Bear!

Ring - Mowgli

Pinky - Bagira

Yayyy, I can cross another movie off my list today!

I still have time before my trip, and am crossing requests off my list at a steady rate, so I am still free to take a few more requests! Enjoy, and stay tuned for more Disney movie nails! Thank you everyone for following and commenting- I love getting feedback!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Off With Her Head!!! - Disney Series #6


OK, so I went AWOL and took the weekend off from posting, but I'm back in action and have another movie on my list of requests that I can finally cross off!

I have never seen this movie- or the remake by Tim Burton, but I love the colors and the characters are super cute.

I was actually in an Alice costume one time for Harmony's thesis film which I will update with a pic from later... here's the film!! (By Harmony Nichol. I'm the one dressed up like Alice!!!

Paisley's Tale from Harmony Nichol on Vimeo.

Here's the nail cast:

Thumb- The lovely Alice

Pointer- The Mad Hatter

Middle and Ring- The Cheshire Cat and tail

Pinky- The Queen of Hearts

Since I have never seen this movie, I was only familiar with the Queen from skanky costumes during Halloween and thought that the Queen would be beautiful, sexy, and evil. She's just manly and super gross! Boy, was I wrong... :(

Ashley also requested I do Nightmare Before Christmas, but since it's not AS Disney as the previous posts, I will wait on that one along with Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Wall-E. If I have time before the trip and have posted all my requests, I'll do those ones.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for more of your favorites and as always, feel free to comment with a request or email me at


Friday, April 1, 2011

Cruella Deville - Disney Series #5

I bet Cruella would KILL for these nails... This post is for my darling Harmony, who asked for 101 Dalmations. When I told her I was only going to do characters, I thought, maybe Dalmation spots WOULD look cool... I was worried they'd turn out looking like cow hide, but they look great! The little red swisheys are a good contrast to the black and white plus they look good with a bony Cruella. I love her and the artsy way she turned out, but when I took the picture her lips turned out a dark red. I must have used two different reds there. I started this Disney series of posts to possibly find the perfect nail design to last me 4 days in Anahiem for our trip to Disneyland (and for those who know me, I don't ever have the same design on my nails 4 days in a row...) BUT I THINK I HAVE FOUND IT! This might be the one! Stay tuned for more Disney nail art, I have a list of requests to complete and some more of my childhood favorites!

Under the Sea! - Disney Series #4

Does anyone else think it's weird that Flounder has a nose even though he's a fish?

This post is for Annelise- you can check out her nail art blog NoNakedNails.

She's really not the only one who loves the Little Mermaid though. I think I had only one pinata in my life (that I can remember) and it was shaped like Flounder.

As you can see, Ursula is kinda crazy looking. It's too bad because I love love love Ursula and I painted her on really crappy. I tried my best, but it just came out looking really awkward. I show my loyalty to her by giving her tentacles an extra nail to show off. Ariel's lipstick is smeared and she looks a bit like a vampire, but hey, that's in right now. If you can't tell- that's Prince Eric on the pinky there.

Well, I hope you guys are enjoying my Disney nail journey. And of course, I am still taking requests! Enjoi!

Aladdin! - Disney Series #3

Soooo, day 3 of my Disney series and I am pooped already. Pooped from making skin color blends on a piece of paper... pooped from making Disney eyes, which I stink at.... Basically, I've never been good at drawing peope (or painting for that matter)... So my people characters like Jafar and especially Princess Jasmine comeout looking awkward and Picasso-esque.

I have a short list of requests and I definitely have the time....The question is 'am I motivated enough to paint only Disney characters the next 3 weeks?'.

If anyone was wondering why I'm only choosing 5 characters and not 10, it's because I don't want to put Disney to too much shame by painting with my left hand and also AFTER I update my blog I remove the freaky lil pictures from my fingers and paint on French tips again. Yes, it's a lot of work, but after my first incident of trying to take a shower with the South Park kids on my nails, I know now that it's too creepy to have 5 or 10 pairs of eyes staring up at you all the time.

So, if anyone can't actually tell who I painted in this picture, it is as follows:

Thumb- Aladdin

Pointer- Genie

Middle- Jasmine (Yikes! I know...)

Ring- Jafar

Pinky- Iago

Stay tuned, folks!