Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Try It: Cuticle Oil Massage with Dotting Tool

I was sitting at my table on the phone and I couldn't move around because I was charging, plugged into the wall. After 15 minutes of chatting with my friend I began reaching for nail things that were near me: cuticle oil and a dotting tool. At first I was going to just apply the oil and rub in with my figertips, but then I thought I'd try massaging the oil in with a dotting tool. I used the larger size on this particular dotting tool to work the oil in and around my cuticles and near my new growth.

The large ball shape of the dotting tool was gentle and easy to maneuver around my nail bed! I worked the oil into my skin and new nail area for about 30 seconds on each finger, and I was surprised at the results. Not only did I feel like it absorbed easier into my skin, I didn't have both hands all oily!

The cuticle oil I'm using here I got from a wig shop in Oakland, by Ruby Kisses. It has lemon extract in it, and I almost like it better than my usual Beauty Secrets, because it smells more like lemons than oil. Yes, I can smell cuticle oil and it makes me sick. It smells... oily.

Anyways this random act of fidgeting while on the phone turned into a trick I might incorporate into my daily nail care! I hope you guys try it instead of rubbing it in with your fingers next time- lemme know how you like it!

Ahhhh hydration!


  1. Sounds fun & helpful. I'll be trying.

  2. haaa, such a good idea! I always end up with too much oil on my hands and can't touch anything for a good five minutes...

  3. Brilliant! My joints in my hands are hypermobile, so fingers always end up hurting a lot of massaging oil and lotion ind.. I have to try this =)

  4. Great tip, I tried this out as soon as a saw this. It really helped with product and mess control, it also just *felt* effective. Buckets of thanks :D

  5. Awesome Sugarfrogs, glad I could share it!!!